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The Attachment Repair Company (ARC) has a wide selection of fully refurbished hydraulic attachments in our rental fleet. Whether you need it for casual hire (weekly or monthly), responsive breakdown coverage, or long-term contract hire, The Attachment Repair Company provides its customers with the most cost-effective solution for their application.

The Attachment Repair Company’s rental fleet

Appliance clamps

The Attachment Repair Company’s appliance clamps are widely used to handle ‘white goods’ and other materials packed in factories, factories and warehouses. The large surfaced arm pads and high-friction vulcanised rubber lining allow for load handling with reduced clamping pressure.

Bale clamps

The Attachment Repair Company supplies a range of bale clamps for pulp, waste paper, cotton, tobacco, foam, and many other applications. A thin arm design makes tight bale stacking and knifing between bales easy. In addition, the valve blocks and hydraulics are well protected and easily serviceable.

Fork clamps

The Attachment Repair Company’s fork clamps are extremely versatile attachments that can be used as both a clamp to clamp loads between the forks and a fork positioner. The fork clamp has a frame design based on special double T-profiles.

Multi pallet handlers

The Attachment Repair Company offers multi-pallet handlers that can pick up one or two pallets at a time through hydraulic positioning of the forks. This dramatically reduces handling time, with a significant cost reduction for the loading and unloading of vehicles.

Paper roll clamps

The Attachment Repair Company is one of the leading suppliers of solutions dedicated to damage-free paper handling in the country. Our paper roll clamps are designed for heavy-duty handling of horizontal and vertical paper rolls.

Push pulls

The Attachment Repair Company’s fork-mounted push-pull enables operators to handle, ship and store a wide variety of boxed, bagged, unboxed, cylindrical, or rolled goods using slip sheets. In addition, the push-pull allows converting a conventional forklift truck into a specially equipped machine to handle loads on slip sheets without losing productivity.


The Attachment Repair Company’s rotators are ideal for applications where the working cycles require load rotation or emptying containers. They are offered with a full 360-degree rotation and continuous rotation in both directions.

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